Buffalo 32CM Function Series wok

Ex Tax: RM759.00
Product Code: BC32A
  • Buffalo Function Series 32cm Wok
  • One-piece construction that's easy to clean: No more worrying about accidental injuries to loved ones from handles falling off.
  • One-piece construction from the pot to the handle makes it the safest product on the market.
  • No blind spots, nothing will ever come loose. It is easy to clean and designed to leave no dirty residue.
  • Polished wear-resistant surface: Exclusively polished cookware surface is wear-resistant and withstands everyday wear and tear, enabling it to retain that brand-new shine.
  • Pure water cleaning: Buffalo's 5-step pure water cleaning process eliminates all oily residues and the need to sterilize new cookware before the first use.
  • Eat healthily and cook with peace of mind.
  • The product is made in Malaysia.
  • Specifications:
    • Diameter: 32cm or 13 inches
    • Suitable for families of 2-3.
    • Flat bottom.
    • Cooking Surface: Gas stove, electric stove, or induction cooker.

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